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“Our motivation to replace all our machinery was to increase the efficiency of our production process and to ensure the high quality our customers expect from both of our brand names. Also our expectation on the sewing machines is accordingly. When it comes to quality sewing, you need quality equipment.”

A Durkopp Adler sewing machine is a testament of durability and flexibility.

It’s robust, so it can be used with any type of fabric, including the thicker ones, but agile, so you can come up with different designs for your sewing projects.

The Duerkopp Adler AG company operates under this name since 1990 and in 2005, the Chinese SGSB Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai (SGSB Group) took over the majority shareholding but is based in Germany.

Southwest Industrial Sewing carries Adler Durkopp industrial sewing machines and replacement parts perfect for the men and women's apparel and shoe industries, as well as, the automotive and home upholstery sewing companies. 

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